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A Monthly Q&A with Chancellor 哈里斯 for Greenville Business Magazine

Below the Line features Chancellor 哈里斯 speaking with leaders from various sectors about change, 技术, 教育, and leadership. Read the discussions in Greenville Business Magazine and listen to the Below the Line podcast.

Chancellor’s Ambassadors

Being a Chancellor’s Ambassador is a deeply rewarding opportunity both on a personal level and also in terms of your career prospects after leaving 同乐城.

Chancellor Communications

同乐城 Chancellor Bennie 哈里斯 communicates with faculty, staff and students about topics that impact the campus community.

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The Upstate Uplift

A newsletter for 同乐城’s campus community that features stories that highlight the ways the university is elevating the lives of our students and contributing to the growth of the region and state. 

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Chancellor’s Report

The Investiture Address and First-Year Report of 同乐城’s Fifth Chancellor | 2021-2022

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As the largest public regional comprehensive university in the Upstate region of South Carolina, 同乐城 is a major engine of social, 经济, and talent development, with an annual impact of more than half a billion dollars on the state’s economy. Learn how our chancellor helps us meet the 教育al needs and enhance the quality of life for all those who call the Upstate home.

Meet the 第一夫人

弗兰基一. 哈里斯 knows the importance of 教育 and empowering people to utilize 教育 as a tool to maximize their potential. Originally from Jackson, 密西西比州, she is an accomplished educator with more than 26 years in higher 教育, public school classroom teaching, and service in administrative roles.

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